Fly to Coverville

As a new commuter, I’ve only recently discovered the joy of podcasts.  Podcasts are like NPR, but without all the boring stuff, and with a bunch of way cooler stuff.

They soothe me on a ride to the

  • I really love the fake-advice driven brotherly hilarity of My Brother, My Brother and Me.  Even when what they’re saying isn’t funny, they still think it is and their laughter is infectious.
  • Sound Opinions is a great music discovery show out of Chicago… like NPR’s All Songs Considered but less… feeble.
  • And everyone who knows podcasts knows about the perfectly thought-provoking Radiolab, but it’s so good I’ll mention it anyway.

But, what I came to talk about is my new love: Coverville!

I just got finished listening to the amazing episode #752: Take my cover requests and that’s not nearly all! In which:

Some band with a girl singer named Snowblink does possibly the coolest Micheal Jackson cover I’ve ever heard with Human Nature, from their all Micheal Jacks Daytrotter Session (starts out good, but blew my mind near the middle).  I always liked, but never loved, this song.  They breathe new life into it:

[audio:|titles=Snowblink – Human Nature]

A band called Hot Buttered Elvis does a spectacular punk-pop cover of Tainted Love.

[audio:|titles=HotButteredElvis – TaintedLove]

And, some guys named Tree Pit, remind me what a fantastic song Eleanor Rigby is.

Plus, the most polite podcast host ever.  This guy is a peach.

This show is great.  Subscribe for yourself.

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