Chinatown Secrets

Walk down Bowery from the Lower East Side and watch as the signs turn to Chinese.

and things are marketed a little differently,

walk into what looks like a little alley with hipsters milling about and see if you can find 9 Doyers St.

so you can walk into the (not really) secret bar of Apothéke, an amazing, fancy cocktail bar.

Notice the chandelier made from flasks.

The drinks are $15 but they’re worth it.

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Ok, Now I Miss Seattle A Little

(excellent photo by Jeremy Hurd used without permission, hopefully there’s forgiveness)

Ok, ok, I’ll admit it. Seattle has its charms. For one thing, I seriously miss The Stranger.  The Village Voice just doesn’t have the same unified snarky voice and dedicated approach to local news.  Sure I can read it online, but I love pulling it’s vibrant cover done by a local artist out of the box and then sitting down to devour it in one sitting with coffee.  Sometimes Savage Love first, sometimes Last Days first.

I miss spaciousness.  Even the major drug store chains in Manhattan are packed in with tiny little inventories and barely enough aisle space for two people to brush past.

I miss beers for five dollars or less.  A seven or eight dollar pint of beer is super normal here.

I miss the hills.  It’s so cool to be on Capitol Hill and look out down Denny and see Queen Anne Hill off in the distance.

I miss everyone looking for a roommate, instead of everyone looking for a place.  When I tell people I’m looking for a place they say, “Are you looking for fee or no fee?”  Like, that’s a thing!  Many apartments here are brokered.  Like, what kind of question is that?  I’m like: I want an apartment.  If someone’s going to ransom it then let’s hear how dear the ransom is!

I even miss the stupid fire dancing and burlesque everywhere.  I’m sure they have that in NYC, but in Seattle all you have to do is play an Aerosmith song and girls suddenly are wearing pasties and spinning fire.

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Great New York Signs

Where do I go to get Chinese Qi Gong Tuina?!

Zen like, in the “I have simple tastes, I like only the best” kind of way


Wait, what should I do?

Le French Hot Dog is super sophisticated.  Seriously though, this patisserie is awesome.

Buy three scarves, get a Kung Fu DVD Movie free!


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NYC Mishaps


Almost everything has gone swimmingly here so far, but not everything.

A list of mishaps in no particular order:

  • I finally decided to pony up and put $50 on a subway card.  Those flimsy little pieces of crap.  It got stuck coming out of the machine and wouldn’t dispense.  Nothing to be done about it.  I just had to fill out some stupid paperwork and try and claim my $50.  I called the phone number and they said they’re backlogged and it takes at least 3 weeks to process the thing.  Maybe it’ll be a nice surprise a month from now.
  • The wonderful person who helped me hustle my stuff into storage dropped my computer from about two feet off the ground.  “Hehehe,” she said, “I’m sure it will be ok.”  It wasn’t.  My computer is totally broken and won’t even load the bios.  Ow.  That one hurt.
  • My old iPhone 3Gs has been chugging along just fine… even after many drops on the head.  I’m trying to make it last until I can buy a 4S, but they still don’t come out for several days.  Now it has almost no battery life, and the headphone jack is broken (I think it stopped working the day Steve Jobs died!) and I’m limping along on no music here in NYC.
  • Nobody is calling me back on apartments.  I’ve called and emailed several places and… crickets.
Otherwise, though, things are going swimmingly.  I’ve been seeing great music, good movies, cool people, and generally just living it up.  And… I’m excited to go to work Monday at Bandwidth Productions.


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NYC Experiences: Amazing Synchronicity


Everyday, more cool stuff happens than I can even write about. Like, for instance yesterday afternoon I met Steve of the Rising Sun All Stars hip hop collective on the train. He was an earnest guy who told me about the studio they’re building and their show that night.

I told him about Seattle hip hop group Shabazz Palaces and their awesome new album Black Up (I’m going to spread the gospel) and said I’d maybe come to his show after my “friend date”.  Well, a couple hours into the friend date and I randomly run into Steve on the street!  We go see his show (after astoundingly insane opener The Black Fires, pictured above) the All Stars came on and rocked the stage.  It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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These guys…


After noticing that I was taking photos they called out, “Five dollars!”


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Ok, I’ll admit, the subway is weird and confusing


I struggle to understand its labyrinthine passageways.

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Cool Places in NYC I


I haven’t eaten at this Manhattan burger joint yet, but I love the sign.


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