The Sweetest, Snobbiest Albums of 2017

10. Girlpool: Powerplant

If Cobain was alive today, he’d like Girlpool.  Somewhere West of the Vaselines.  Alternately cooing and shredding.  Song: Soup

9. Alex Cameron: Forced Witness:

Alex Cameron plays a character a little like Tom Waits, but less knowing, more confused, more innocent, more loungey, more uses of the word “pussy”.  Song: Chihuahua

8. Vince Staples – Big Fish Theory

I love Vince Staples.  He took some real chances here and made an actually experimental rap album.  Vince Staples is the king of making songs that aren’t what they seem to be about.  It’s fantastic.  Song: Rain Come Down

7. Lorde – Melodrama

Liability was an anthem for me.  A song where if I played it for friends they’d silently listen with me and then look at me and say, “Ow.”

6. Sheer Mag – Need to Feel Your Love

If this was coming out of my transistor radio while I jumped in the lake in cutoffs, I’d feel like life was good.  Song: Expect the Bayonet

5. Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex

Yeah, it’s what it sounds like.  Sade, Goldfrapp, Everything but the Girl.  That kind of stuff, and very well done.  Song: Each Time You Fall in Love

4. Sampha – Process

A vocalist like no other.  A mix of grief, paranoia, and hope, but with a little grime.  Song: Blood on Me [for beats] and Nobody Knows Me Like The Piano (In My Mother’s Home) [for the pure beauty]

3. Sophia Kennedy – Sophia Kennedy

Vivacious, beautiful, honest, original music.  Great percussion and production, great singing, unorthodox songwriting.  Song: Kimono Hill

2. King Kendrick (Pulitzer Recipient) – DAMN.

Kendrick really knows how to make himself a part of the national conversation, that’s for sure.  Three days after this album came out, I walked by a young girl singing, “They won’t take me out my ELEMENT.” and I thought, that’s right, girl.  Plus a U2 feature?!?!?!  He can write his own rules still.  Song: FEAR.

1. Amber Mark – 3:33

I listened to the 7 songs on this album, and their 4 remixes more than any other music this year.  I honestly can’t explain why it has the hold on me that it does, but there is not one wasted or imperfect second on this album.  I never want to skip anything.  It’s hard to think of what to play after it.  A hopeful album dealing with her mother’s death, handled with such ebullient and lovely energy.  It uplifts me every time.  Song: Monsoon

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