the sweet snob is the midnight dj

fun fact: edie brickell wrote one sick funk song

From the sweet snob midnight hour it’s Al Green, with his secret weapon minor hit, Back Up Train. “ease the pain. take me to my baby.”

Sound and color. Blow your mind.

The most dangerous song in freak folk.

“I’m through having your harsh march stare down my size.”

This song makes losers feel like winners.

“I’ve been in showbiz long enough, you need to wait your turn.”

This is a dope rap in its own way.

This dude never made another song this cool but damn.

I actually think it’s pretty cute that the ONLY EVER legally approved Grateful Dead sample is in THIS SONG, and it doesn’t show up until 3:09 in the song and makes the song sound like it’s saying words the original song LITERALLY DO NOT SAY.

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as a reminder, it was called: the sweet snob is the midnight dj
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link to it, please: Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

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