The Gorgeous Power of Laura Mvula

Laura Mvula - Sing to the Moon


You may be excited about the new Janelle Monae, and you should be, it’s amazing. But you were going to listen to that anyway.

You might not have heard the astounding debut of Laura Mvula, however, and I recommend you do.  Laura sings songs I would play for my (imaginary) children, and we’d listen to the songs over and over until the LP wore through.  Laura takes a few phrases and then stacks them layer by layer to make a musical tower out of them.

Sing to the Moon has its strengths and weaknesses, but at its best it is utterly timeless.  Like, Nina Simone timeless.  This is one of those albums where I feel confident in hyperbole because I’m going to play you a few songs and I feel like they stand on their own for pure “wow” factor.

First of all, Green Garden, a love song so magnificent I need to listen to it almost every day.  Only a few lines, but she does the most with them.

Then only Laura could make an angry song like That’s Alright so exultant.  She “could never be what you want and that’s alright” but she’d like to ask “who made you the center of the universe?”

Lastly, I Don’t Know What The Weather Will Be, the classic theme of love that fears commitment, made romantic as only Miss Mvula could:

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