kissed her little sister

Way back in 2010 I called out the independently released kissed her little sister album, high&low as half of the 10th best album of 2010.

It reminds me of early Beck in a lot of ways.  high&low was a shambling, brilliant, lo-fi mess of a really talented kid making amazing music in his living room.  It was at once humble and ambitious.  Listen to cocaine for example.  He sings an amazing, grim version of Cocaine Blues, the song Johnny Cash made famous in his Folsom Prison recording.  However, sings it over a perfect sample of Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall.

Then, in my dreams are television, he sets up a hilarious hip-hop cut up out of human voices and scratching, and then does a slow, creaking sing/rap over it.  I love it.

Then there’s just lovely, pretty singing and songwriting like he walked on the water, which brings me to the fact that kissed her little sister just released a brand new album: sailor, which is much more focused on the pretty singing and guitar than all the sonic experimentation of his last album.  I’ve only given it a few listens, but I think it’s worth a few listens.  And, since you can listen to both albums on his bandcamp page: sailor and high&low for free, streaming on the web.

Bandcamp is a really cool site, and it’s nice to see bands have a good alternative for self-releasing albums and band pages now that myspace is just too dorky to even use anymore.   Bandcamp lets you put up your music for streaming and lets customers purchase it in a variety of high quality digital formats.

Anyone have any other good Bandcamp finds?  Isn’t that album cover awesome?


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