Snob Shorties

I’ve been loving Grimes (gorgeous 80’s throwback beats with lovely choral-like singing),

[audio:|titles=Grimes – Genesis]

Future Islands (clangy rock band with a singer who has a unique, passionate growl),

[audio:|titles=Future Islands – On The Water]

Emika (totally sexy, dirty singing and non-boring electronic music),

[audio:|titles=Emika – 3 Hours]

Wye Oak (passionate female singer and music that alternates between mellow pop and total guitar squall.  so pretty and personal),

[audio:|titles=Wye Oak – Civilian]

White Denim (a really cool, creative rock and roll band.  this is one of their mellower songs) also has a cool website,

[audio:|titles=White Denim – Street Joy]

Metronomy (bratty little beach rock songs with a sweet singer.  if you like that Gotye song then you’ll like these guys),

[audio:|titles=Metronomy – The Look]

Eleanor Friedburger (a folk-singer who used to sing with her brother for The Fiery Furnaces.  now she just writes clever songs that put me in a good mood),

[audio:|titles=Eleanor Friedburger – Inn Of The Seventh Ray]

and Danny Brown (a nasty rapper, with a rap about his love for licking kitties).

[audio:|titles=Danny Brown – I Will]

I’ve been loving TV shows like Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Archer, and Downton Abbey.

I’ve been loving New York restaurants like Peaches, Saraghina, brgr, Kennedy Fried Chicken, crazy Caribbean places, M. Shanghai Bistro, Tipsy Parson, and Rachel’s.

I’ve been loving movies like Days of Heaven, Pina 3D, and Temple Grandin.

I’ve even seen a real broadway show: Venus in Fur.

Maybe some day I’ll even write about some of that stuff.

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