Life’s a Bitch and then…

In the nearly final final scene of the spectacular movie Fish Tank, perhaps even more amazing because it’s on Netflix on Demand right now, the lead actress, played by the magnificent Katie Jarvis dances with her little sister and mom to Nas’ Life’s a Bitch (which you can play while you read the rest of the review):

[audio:|titles=Nas – Life’s A Bitch]

Dancing is an important part of the movie in its own awkward way, so her dancing with her more innocent sister and less innocent drunken mom ties the whole thing together.

Usually this kind of British poverty stricken youth thing gets kind of tiresome for me, but this movie is something special.  Its acting and writing is immediate and streamlined.  When it’s sexy, it’s sexy without apology.  It impressed me with its first moments, and I enjoyed it all the way through.

Check the trailer:

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