Can’t Help Leaking Fleet Foxes

Today I woke up to find out the whole new Fleet Foxes album, Helplessness Blues had leaked.  I had to have it.  Say what you want about the Fleet Foxes.  Maybe you’re never in the mood for this kind of music, and consider it too precious or pastoral, but to me the far worse sins in music are being offhand or unenduring.  Fleet Foxes and their new album Helplessness Blues are none of these things.

A few people out there have been playing Bedouin Dress or Battery Kinzie, but I’d like to feature the epic, and probably most experimental (and one of two songs with a slash dividing the title of the song in two.  See also: The Plains / Bitter Dancer).

This is sing is called The Shrine / An Argument, and clocks in at a humble 8:07.  It’s got everything that makes the Fleet Foxes the Fleet Foxes, you know, lovely vocal harmonies, and Robin singing his heart out about nature or some shit.  A cover that makes to look like LSD is a required ingredient for enjoying the album.  Plus some squalling, discordant horns and some other weird noises.  But… would I present this to you if it wasn’t a badass, manly hunk of song?  No, I wouldn’t.  Be among the first to enjoy this fine song:

[audio:|titles=Fleet Foxes – The Shrine / An Argument]
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