Only An Expert Can Deal With The Problem

I have to really respect that there’s at least one or two people on the earth who have made a career out of non-rhyming spoken word, and I’m pretty sure Saul Williams and Laurie Anderson have at least brushed against it.

To do it, you have to be able to say some really smart shit, and deliver it just right.  Laurie Anderson has been doing this since, what, around the time of new wave?

What kind of person do you have to be to be married to Lou Reed?!

An easy entry to the album is Only an Expert, which just gets better and better as she develops her theme:

[audio:|titles=Laurie Anderson – Only an Expert]

And if you’re willing to dig in a little more to Homeland, the long and strong, slowed down and creepy, where she does what she calls “audio drag”,¬†Another Day in America:

[audio:|titles=Julie Anderson – Another Day in America]
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