Cold Wars

I noticed recently that both The Morning Benders and Janelle Monae released songs called Cold War on their new albums.

Both are great:

Janelle Monae’s:

[audio:|titles=Janelle Monae – Cold War]

The Morning Benders:

[audio:|titles=The Morning Benders – Cold War]

So, I started wondering what other songs were out there called Cold War, since it seemed like a potent theme.

Not surprisingly, there were quite a few in the 1980’s, so I listened to all I could find, and thought Snobby readers might find them interesting.

First of all, the venerable Devo, who actually just released a new album, from their album Freedom of Choice:

[audio:|titles=Devo – Cold War]

Then, The Vapors (of Turning Japanese fame), with a pretty damn likable Cold War song:

[audio:|titles=The Vapors – Cold War]

And, a kind of lukewarm Styx (of Mr. Roboto fame) version:

[audio:|titles=Styx – Cold War]

And an intense 2000 dark techno version by Funker Vogt:

[audio:|titles=Funker Vogt – Cold War]

Also wouldn’t want to leave out a remix of The Morning Benders version (Called the Winter Remix) that I really like:

[audio:|titles=The Morning Benders – Cold War (Winter Remix)]

Last, and kinda least, but worth a mention, a rareish 11 minute The Antlers song recently called Cold War (a minor work, but still interesting for completeness):

[audio:|titles=The Antlers – Cold War (Daytrotter Session)]
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