A Summer in 3/4 Time

Oh Jens, this is divine!

Jens Lekman, normally writes and sings his own lovely songs (and tells insanely cute stories about how they were written while he sings them).

But he also remixes other people’s songs like Au Revoir Simone’s song “Shadows”.

While he was remixing it, he decided to convert the song from straight 4/4 time, into a more waltz-like 3/4 time.

While he was playing around, he started thinking of all these other songs in 3/4 and 6/8 time, and decided to make one big 28-minute Girl Talk-y-mashup-in-slo-mo of them all as a waltzy summer jam just for us.  Thanks, Jens, it is just lovely.  I love that he adds a significant part of The Morning Benders’ Excuses, because I just love that song.

Feel free to listen to it right here:

[audio:http://thesweetsnob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/Jens_Lekman_-_a_summer__in_3-4_time.mp3|titles=Jens Lekman – A Summer in 3/4 Time]

And it’s also worth listening to the Au Revoir Simone remix itself.

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