Date Night at Sutra

So I’m unemployed and hustling contract web development work, but special nights with the girl are important, so we make things like this happen.

We have a friend who works the kitchen at the excellent vegan (and reasonable!) price fixe restaurant, Sutra.  We’d been wanting to go see his work for awhile, so we finally did.

This isn’t so much a review (short review: everything was impressive to a die hard meat eater and the staff was unbelievably warm and sweet) as a photo tour of our four courses.

The evening started off with the ring of a gong (behind my lovely date), and a speech about gratitude for the fresh local ingredients, some of them plucked from the earth that very morning:

Next, we watched our friend plate the first course, which was seriously a raw food lasagna.  Sounds perhaps gross and crunchy, but it was warm and amazing.  The zucchini and fennel was thinly sliced and the avocado made it luscious like vegan food rarely is!

I was glad we were sitting at the counter so we could see everything plated, and see it go from that to this, the finished product with grilled spring onions on top:

Next was a delicious salad with sea beans, which are weird salty seaweed but really kicked ass on this salad, which was not gross and ice cold as too much salad is:

Then the worth-waiting-for main dish… an Indian themed melange with some spinach saag (read: gravied paste), lentil soup, red quinoa, and an amazing cherry, parsley chutney.  On top was a mushroom saute with a creamy sauce made with cashews.  I could eat vegan a lot more often if this is what the food is like:

Love this array of desserts in progress… I guess I put it down to fast to take a proper picture but it was a little fig-sesame crust with strawberries and coconut ginger rhubarb ice cream:

Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Sutra.  We’ll be back.

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