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First of all, thanks to everyone who gave “Songs That Make the Most of Few Words” suggestions. I might do a reprisal post because there were some great suggestions (I wish I’d thought of Spider!!!)

When I played The Love Language, for my friend Seth, the first thing he said was a rueful, “Oh yeah, a lot of bands are doing this lo-fi thing.  The production is just awful!”  Indeed, just about every review mentions the productions so, yeah, it sounds like they recorded it at the bottom of a well.

I hung my head a little though… in my mind I was like, “can’t you tell they’re giving it their all?!”

Later I read reviews of the self-titled album that said things like

cycles through a wide range of indie-rock, country, and early-pop styles, all delivered with shouty charm and in-the-red verve, roughly approximating a sock-hop-era Arcade Fire (pitchfork)


I listen to the Love Language because they write music I wish I’d written. I often picture myself playing these songs for some awkwardly shy, yet strikingly beautiful French girl on a jetty in Quebec, romantically duping her with my plagiarized sentiments. Dishonest, yet undeniably feasible.

and I feel like someone did actually get it.  I don’t listen to this album in heavy rotation, but ultimately I can’t stop listening to it.  Bad recording and all.

Lalita!  I hear this song in my dreams:

[audio:|titles=The Love Language – Lalita]

And the sublime “Two Rabbits” which I suspect is not strictly about rabbits:

[audio:|titles=The Love Language – Two Rabbits]
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