Dark Beauties From My February

Midlake – The Courage of Others

This wasn’t very well reviewed.  Most people seem to think it’s a little too even and consistent to the point of boring.  Most people like the earlier “Trials of Van Occupanther” a lot better.  I really like that album too, but several listens puts me at odds with other people who aren’t as impressed.

To me, this album shows how close Folk music and Heavy Metal really are.  At first listen it sounds like a droning, slightly dark folk album.  But as time goes on it seems like the construction and content are really more like heavy metal.  And if you LIKE the tone, then you get a whole solid album of it.  For me, I find this album great to work to, and hear little gems of lyrics, mellowly passionate singing, and some great guitar work pop out every once in a while.

Midlake – Winter Dies

[audio:http://thesweetsnob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/02-Winter-Dies.mp3|titles=Midlake – Winter Dies]

Florence and the Machine – Lungs

You might not have heard of this album, but it hit #1 on the UK charts, which shocked me a little.  My girl said she thought a lot of the songs sounded “so Lilith Fair” which I can’t disagree with.

At her best though, she is a passionate singer with amazing orchestral + rock and roll backing.  There’s at least 6 songs on this album you really should hear.  Cosmic Love is a grandiose, sweeping statement.  Kiss With a Fist is a hot little number (and probably one of the Lilith Fair-ey ones) and I couldn’t stop listening to Girl With One Eye for almost the whole month.

Cosmic Love

[audio:http://thesweetsnob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/09-Cosmic-Love.mp3|titles=Florence & The Machine – Cosmic Love]

Kiss With A Fist

[audio:http://thesweetsnob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/05-Kiss-With-A-Fist.mp3|titles=Florence & The Machine – Kiss With A Fist]

and Girl With One Eye

[audio:http://thesweetsnob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/06-Girl-With-One-Eye.mp3|titles=Florence & The Machine – Girl With One Eye]

Ben Frost – By The Throat

Besides the totally wicked album cover, this somewhat dark, mostly ambient album is about as listenable as something from this genre can be.  With its musical drones, gentle piano and wolf noises you’ll find it almost fades into the background, creating a soundtrack for dark angels to lounge on couches of thorns.  I found it works extremely well for playing video games.  I would tend to forget that I was playing the album and almost think it was a natural part of the game.

Through The Roof of Your Mouth:

[audio:http://thesweetsnob.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/10-Through-The-Roof-Of-Your-Mouth.mp3|titles=Ben Frost – Through The Roof Of Your Mouth]
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