Dan Deacon – Bromst

Dan Deacon - Bromst

Bromst is pretty sweet.  I know that the first couple of songs might freak you out, but it’s not going to bore you.  It’s kind of hard core and tender at the same time.  I love the cover, a lot like the Dept. Of Eagles cover, it’s just one little scene highlighted in the dark of night.

Plus, they have a song called Woof Woof with a lot of meowing sounds, but even in the two songs I’m featuring here, you might not be able to get how weird the album really is.  If you like this kind of thing, then there’s a lot to love in Bromst.  Even if you don’t… listen to each song once, close your eyes, and let the weirdness overcome you.

I hear that when Dan Deacon performs live, he performs in the audience instead of up on stage, and has the audience participate in making the music.  That sounds cool.



Woof Woof:

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