You know, I started The Sweet Snob with the best intentions, but I just got so into structure that I forgot to post and have fun, and with that, I will quit it, and tell you some things I’ve been listening to and loving. 

Badly Drawn Boy – EP1, EP2 and EP3: Back in the bad old days of LimeWire, when you had to just download individual songs with crappy ID3 tags (the piece of info in an mp3 that makes it show up right in iTunes) I got a lot of obscure stuff without any idea where it came from.  I got into the amazing Badly Drawn Boy album The Hour of Bewilderbeast.  It’s mellow and clanky and weird and beautiful, and it’s also the last album Damon Gough made before he started writing total pop pablum.  Anyway, I went on LimeWire and found a bunch of his weird old lo-fi songs and loved many of them.  Now, thanks to the power of the internet, I found these somewhat rare old EP’s and am enjoying these songs all over again.

Chad VanGaalen – Soft Airplane: Now, instead of Badly Drawn Boy, I’m impressed by Chad VanGaalen.  I feel like if Damon of Badly Drawn Boy had grown artistically, he could be making more clanky, weird lo-fi music like this.  Chad VanGaalen is more badass, and kind of rocks out in a way that Badly Drawn Boy never did.  Chad starts out all pretty with Willow Tree, but gets into some intense blooping and clanging by Phantom Anthills.  I never know what mood I have to be in to listen to this album, but when I find myself in it, this is perfect.

Animal Collective – Merriweather Post Pavillion: Yes with two L’s in Pavillion.  OMGWTFBBQ this album is so good.  Not too many albums that me and my friend L. Beth Suki Tsunami Yockey Jones both love (she tends to exclusively like music that hurts you) but this is one of them.  It’s willfully kind and beautiful and inspiring and it’s like one of those kaliedoscopes you can see through, held up to a beautiful, kind, creative hippie girl who’s doing this amazing dance.   I’ve never loved these guys but holy crap do I love this album!

Shad – The Old Prince: This is the kind of rap I like… well, one of the kinds.  Funny, smart, literate, self-depricating but not like, Eminem-self-depricating.  Awesome sweet beats.  There’s this one rap called The Old Prince Stayed at Home, where he’s talking about being really thrify.  About midway through, the beat stops and one of his crew says, “What happened?”  He says, “Uhhh, I couldn’t afford the rest of the beat.  I mean, he was just charging soooo much.  It wasn’t worth it.  We should just, you know, vibe with it.  You know, just… I’ll spit the beat and you can clap or something.”

That should be good.  You guys could leave like… some comments or something.  I know you have to sign up or something, but only the first time.

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