Plants and Animals at Nectar Lounge March 17th, 2009

I didn’t take any pictures or video.  It wasn’t the most packed show (On St. Patrick’s day) so it looks like no one else did either.  No one who posted to Flickr or YouTube anyway.

I did enjoy the show though, and was happy to see these Montreal-ites do their thing on stage after listening to the album many, many, many, many, many times over the past several months.  (See my earlier post about their album Parc Avenue.)

Unlike the crystal clear sound at Nectar when I saw Bon Iver, the sound was pretty muddy, and the vocals were way too low in the mix.

None of that mattered… I know most of the words anyway, and it was thrilling to see them.  One thing I loved, is that Warren Spicer, the lead singer, really went out of his way to vary his vocal interpretation from the album, making it a new experience (even though that made it hard for me to tipsily sing along).

I had plenty of time to loiter around after the show though, and at one point individually walked up to each and every band member and told them how much I loved the album.  

Note: I always follow some simple rules when I approach semi-famous people to express appreciation:

  • I don’t interrupt if a pretty girl is talking to them
  • I don’t try to get them to sign anything or do anything for me
  • I don’t try to make the conversation go on past its natural dying out point

I didn’t mention any specific songs, just told each of them very sincerely that I loved the album and listened to it constantly.  I got the same, totally dorky “aww shucks” looking-uncomfortably-at-their-shoes reaction from each of them.  I should have told Warren at least that he really needs to drop the child-molestor mustache.  That probably would have got a more interesting reaction.

Anyway, since I didn’t get any video, check out their killer recent video for Feedback in the Field: 

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