Crickets No More!

I’ve had comments off thus far, but the other day, I shared the Barbra Streisand post in Google Reader, which shared it in FriendFeed which made it show up on my Facebook, where people actually commented on it. Ahhh, the modern world.

Anyway, I liked it… the high of people actually commenting on The Sweet Snob and not feeling like I’m not doing this thing in a vacuum.

So, I turned on actual commenting here. And to sweeten the deal, here’s my offer. The first three people to comment and tell me your favorite Sweet Snob post so far can pick an album or film to get the Sweet Snob treatment.

Please offer a little context about the album or film you want reviewed like, why you love or hate it, or why it’s the most amazing underrated electroclash progenitor of the 80’s / most emotional Mahler symphony ever so that I have some starting point.

Note that I have to approve a comment by a specific person before it shows up, but I will do the first three comments submitted in the order they were submitted.  And… if you’re not in the first three but I love your suggestion, I might do it anyway.

Ok, I’m sick of the sound of crickets around here.  Go.

this blog post is now over, thank you for reading.
as a reminder, it was called: Discuss!
it's categorized as: Self-Referential
link to it, please: Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

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