The Astounding Jagjaguwar


What the hell is a Jagjaguwar?  Who the hell knows.  Okay, due to Wikipedia I do know.

For one thing, it’s a record label.  For another thing it’s evidently a name that was randomly generated using a Dungeons & Dragons random character name generator.  Nerdy enough?

But this label, out of Bloomington, Indiana of all places, is putting out some of the most amazing music of the past two years.

If they had put out nothing but albums by Bon Iver, Okkervil River, Black Mountain and Sunset Rubdown, they would already be one of the most impressive labels out there right now, but they have an amazing (if uneven) roster of amazing indie names.  This is a serious up-and-comer.  Let’s put it this way, I’d take a paycut and move to Indiana to be their web developer.  That’s how serious I am about these guys.

They put out folk-rock albums and more by songwriters that rival Bob Dylan in his heyday.

Right now, these are my guys to watch. If they put out an album, I give it serious attention.

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