The Sweet Snob

I’m the sweet snob.  I’m Daniel Talsky, and I’ve been writing a blog called the tinyblog since 2000.  I started writing a lot of album reviews on the tinyblog, and soon my reviews took over the identity of the whole site.

I realized I wanted to do something simpler, just reviews, and keep the tinyblog a place for my weird autobiographical stories.

I got inspiration one day that I could call it The Sweet Snob.  It came to me all at one time, the whole idea, the look and feel, everything.  I was so excited.  I thought of a couple other names but that was the main one.  The next day I floated the name by all my friends.  They all hated it.

I thought about it for awhile but then I realized I should do whatever I liked.

Why snob?

I am kind of a snob.  I don’t like crappy movies.  I don’t like mediocre albums.  I don’t like lukewarm and cheaply made food.

Why sweet?

But… I’m not a jerk about it.  I like to point out what’s good!  People don’t need to read a bunch about what they shouldn’t even bother to listen to.  I want to be a little guidebook, to the finer things that other people might not explore, or types of music or movies that they might not understand what’s good about it until someone orients them.  That’s what I want to do.

Not just be a snob, but a sweet snob.

this blog post is now over, thank you for reading.
as a reminder, it was called: The Sweet Snob
it's categorized as: Self-Referential
link to it, please: Thursday, October 16th, 2008
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