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Soundcloud won't let me.

Never Trust a Man With a Butter Knife, a Plastic Butter Knife

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  1. I'm starting to warm up to this whole new Big Boi album, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors
  2. This song Gossip is straight up amazing.
  3. How high was this man when he made up the part about never trusting a man with a plastic butter knife.

I'm actually posting this song because none of the versions of it online have the "plastic butter knife" lead out.  Also everyone should listen to it.  And then the whole album.  Cause I said so.

[audio:|titles=Big Boi – Gossip]

The Finest Poem I Have Read This Year

danieltalsky | Uncategorized | Friday, April 1st, 2011

"I had a droam in which my hoart was ripp'd from my chost.  I want'd to punch th' shit out of my g'ography toach'r for doing it, but my hands felt lik' load."

— Who Knows?!

Liner Notes For Two Road Trip Mixes I Made For My Sister

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Please Have Yourself a Tiny Party to this Song for Me

danieltalsky | Uncategorized | Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Shake a leg.

Ok, I am Loving This Kid

danieltalsky | Uncategorized | Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

As an aspiring rapper, I have to say, seeing this kid depresses me and inspires me at the same time:

Best Albums of 2007 / Best Albums of 2008

danieltalsky | Uncategorized | Friday, October 31st, 2008

Last year, on the tinyblog, I did a countdown to the top 10 albums (according to the not-yet-developed Sweet Snob) released in 2007.  Now, it's almost the end of 2008, and there's been some really spectacular albums.  It's almost time for this year's best of, according to, yes, me.

In honor of this, and in honor of the sweet snob, I would really like to have the best of 2007 posts here on The Sweet Snob.  Over the next few days I'm going to be re-posting the tinyblog reviews of my top 10 of 2007, but with the added snob bonus of: listenable tracks and an updated "how is this album still fareing in late 2008" report.

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