Some Serious White Boy Raps

(This post is rated R at least.  Good rap can be kind of nasty.)

Little known, but greatly loved by The Sweet Snob: Yoni Wolf of WHY? in By Torpedo or Crohn's beats Lil' Wayne in slow, easy rap by a mile.  Sure, anyone can rap about being so badass they have it all figured out, but Yoni IS a badass rapper and he's willing to admit he doesn't have it figured out.  He'll be proudly mouthing watermelon every song.

[audio:|titles=Why? – By Torpedo Or Crohn's]

The one man who finally made it possible for a white guy to actually be respected as a rapper, he had to do it by being the harshest smartest fucker in a while.   It's unbelievable to think he could be so coked up and be so unbelievably cogent

[audio:|titles=Eminem – Drug Ballad]

And if you're a little less sensitive, then it's worth listening to the profound statement of paranoia that is Marshall Mathers.   All the faggot talk gets old for sure, but he's obviously cooled it with that since this album.  But, this is some amazing lyricism.   It's mostly just a razor sharp slice to anyone who steps into his eyesight.  Amazing, bitchy storytelling that's tops but you're like, fuck man, seek help.  Luckily it looks like he did.

[audio:|titles=Eminem – Marshall Mathers]

The Beastie Boys are a huge part of white rap history.  As bratty little fuckers in High Plains Drifters:


and as bratty bodhisattvas in Do It:

[audio:|titles=Beastie Boys – Do It]

Atmosphere goes on any white boy rap list although I guess he's not exactly a white boy, but pretty close 😉  Every rapper has to brag some, and even a self-hating dude like Sluggo can talk big.  He's gonna be bigger than anything that's ever hit these little kids.  Bigger than guns, bigger than cigarettes.  Good luck with that, Sluggo.

[audio:|titles=Atmosphere – Guns & Cigarettes]

I'd be amiss if I didn't mention local rapper Macklemore showing us how hard he has to think about it before he hits that:

[audio:|titles=Macklemore – Good for You]
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This Is My Summer Jam

I'm ready to call Janelle Monae the Andre 3000 replacement for the new decade, and these two albums the new Speakerboxxx.   Big Boi appears on Janelle's new album, and Janelle of course appears on Big Boi's new album, and the production is so mind-blowing and consistent you could put these two albums together on shuffle and call it a new wonder album.

Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty (which you can listen to in its entirety on his myspace page) is a wonder, and an easy sequel to his half of Outkast's Speakerboxxx album.  He finally realized Andre was not going to get his shit together and just went ahead and released a beautiful, smart, sexy, dirty album the continues along the same frame as some of the best of Outkast.

Janelle Monae's album has been out for about a month, and I still get frustrated with how unbelievably talented she is.  She can sing, rap, write, and just generally kick ass with her own weird, robotic style.  I think Tightrope is the most amazing hip-hop/pop song since Hey Ya.  I have been wearing this song OUT and just finally saw the video, which only enraged me more because I was like, "Oh, she's an amazing and unique dancer too?!"

And lesser but also cool is the video for the remix:

So get these two albums and bump them, because there's so many enjoyable songs between the two of them that I want to barf.  I've been waiting for Chico dusty for a year, and didn't realize I was going to get a double album of Big Boi style goodness.

this post was called: This Is My Summer Jam
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